Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guidelines for Planning Your Telephone Conference Call

To ensure the success of a telephone conference call, it is important to plan it before hand. It is not a complicated procedure and you can easily plan it. There are various reasons for which it is essential to plan a conference call before hand. By planning your conference call, you can get done the maximum things in the minimum time.

You can plan your teleconference by using the conference calling plan through the computer. You need not be a computer expert for planning your conference call. All you need to have is a proper agenda of your conference, which you can mail to all the participants before a day or two of the conference. This will help the participants to get prepared for the conference as well.

Planning a teleconference is nothing different from planning a face to face meeting. The difference between these two types of meeting is that, in case of phone conferencing you have to discus the issues without wasting time as these conferences are for shorter periods.

You can start your planning by focusing on the main issues to be discussed. Prepare a list of the objectives of the telephone conference. You can divide your objectives, point wise, such as:
1) How do you want the participants to act after the conference?
2) Which information do you require from the participant’s end?
3) Will the sharing of information be general or you require input from all the participants?

You might be confused while planning a teleconferencing for the first time. But once you get used to it, you can easily plan it out and experience the benefits of a properly planned phone conferencing.

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