Friday, August 29, 2008

Share important documents Over Web conferencing

Web conferencing is the name given to a technology, which can be used over the internet, for sharing important information and documents. It can be used within an organization, as well as, between different organizations for sharing essential information.

Earlier, it was possible to share only text documents through web conferencing. But in present times, this technology facilitates sharing of audio and video information as well. Now, anything from sharing of simple documents to presentations, conducting polls, product demonstrations etc, is possible through web conferencing. Groups of people sitting within the same office, as well as located in other locations, can work together on the same blueprints and documents with the help of this technology. They stay connected to each other though their computer systems over the internet.

Web conferencing technology
was used during the 1990s for the very first time. The instant messengers were used as the medium of conferencing. But now, with the invention of the latest technologies, web conferencing have taken the form of full fledged services. There are many web conferencing service providers available on the World Wide Web.

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