Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stay connected via Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing, in simple terms, is the extension of the ‘three-way’ calling process. This process involved setting up of a conference function in a PBX phone system or a multilane phone. Nowadays, you will also find many service providers who provide audio conferencing services.

Audio conferencing has added a new dimension to the simple telephonic communications. Simple telephonic communications could connect only two individuals at a time. But through audio conferencing more than two individuals can be connected to each other at the same time. It facilitates to organize group discussions and make decisions collectively. It can also connect groups of people situated in different locations at one place and enable them to work collectively on the same projects.

Regular phone systems is all that it takes anyone to participate in an audio conference call. Audio conferencing has emerged as one of the easiest communication mediums which allows important individuals of an organization to stay connected to each other.

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