Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Uses of Webinar for In-house communications

Webinar has emerged as a useful tool for organizations which can be used for improving external as well as in-house communications.

The three basic areas where organizations use webinars for in-house purposes are:

1)Collaboration: Organizations use webinar broadcast when they need to collaborate with a huge group of employees at the same time. A webinar facilitates every participant to clearly listen to and see the same things at the same time. A webinar prevents the wastage of time and efforts and helps in improving productivity.

2)Support: With the help of webinar broadcast, employees can provide support to each other whenever required. A team can work together and discuss important issues, solve problems and draw conclusions within a short time.

3)Training: Many organizations use a webinar to train their employees. It acts as the biggest training room for organizations where a number of employees can be trained together using the same material and presentations. Moreover, the training sessions can be recorded and used in future for training other employees.

Webinar broadcast is one of the most useful communication techniques available today. It helps an organization to cut down extra costs incurred on business communications and at the same time helps an organization to improve its efficiency.

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