Thursday, October 23, 2008

Web Conferencing – The fastest growing communication medium

Due to the cost reducing benefit and improvement in productivity offered by web conferencing, it has become one of the fastest growing communication medium of present times. It has emerged as a very useful tool especially for the small and medium sized organizations who earlier could not communicate effectively with their offshore clients.

In today’s cut throat competition, the enhanced features of web conferencing are not only helping organization to survive, but also adding on to their development and success. The different useful features of web conferencing are:

1)Virtual meetings: Web conferences facilitate to organize online meetings whenever required. Persons located in different parts of the world can participate in the meeting by simply logging on to the conference.
2)Webinar: It facilitates organizations to organize seminars and training sessions for employees located in different places.
3)Multimedia presentations: Multimedia presentations, for explaining a new project to employees or for any other reason, can be organized easily with the help of web conferencing.
4)Online document sharing.

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