Sunday, December 20, 2009

Benefits of using Global collaboration services

Many companies have now understood the importance of global collaboration services in order to make their work process simpler and expand their business all over the world. A business in Canada can organize global virtual meetings with clients or colleagues in England by using web conference calling services without requiring any of the participants to board a flight and waste time & money on traveling.

Web conference calling services are highly economical and even save money when conducting a conference across different locations. It serves as an effective way of communication and allows participants to share projects, ideas and documents with each other in a virtual environment.

Global collaboration service providers also offer webinars and webcasts which are highly beneficial to any organization. Webinars allow businesses to organize virtual seminars with attendees present in different locations across the globe. Webinars are an effective way to conduct productive seminars while saving on hotel, travel, cabs, meals and other expenses of the visiting participants. Apart from saving a significant amount of money, the webinars also increases their visibility in the industry which contributes towards the expansion of their business.

Webcasts are also gaining popularity among businesses to reach a wider target audience informing them about their new and existing products. Economic recession has caused an exponential increase in use of webcasts as an effective way for companies to reach out to a wide customer base without incurring heavy expenses.

Global collaboration services and global virtual meetings offer numerous benefits to people & businesses worldwide. Arkadin is a leading company in Canada offering highly effective web conference calling services. For more information, log on to

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