Monday, December 21, 2009

Save on Your Huge Telephone Bills with online Audio Conferencing

If your company is reeling under the mounting telephone bills then its time to switch to online audio conferencing. This facility offers a number of additional benefits over traditional audio conferencing and that too at a much lower cost. By installing an audio conference solution in your company you would not only be able to reduce the expenses but also enhance the effectiveness of your audio conference.

Prior to the advent of online audio conferencing, there were a lot of shortcomings with the conferencing technology that needed to be removed in order to enhance its effectiveness. One such shortcoming was that the phone lines used to remain open throughout the entire duration of the conference even when there was a silence, which resulted in a lot of unwanted noise being transferred.

This problem was effectively solved through the latest online audio conference solution, where voice is first converted into packets and then transferred. This means that the internet connection is in use only when the packets are being transferred, thereby resulting in greater voice quality and reduced costs.

This cheap web conferencing solution is preferred among companies across New Zealand as businesses can enhance the effectiveness of its conference as well as reduce its overall costs.

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Audio Conferencing Application provides rich conferencing experience for demanding users.

* Support both reservation less and reservation based audio conferences.
* Customize each audio conference room per your requirements, e.g., select entry tones, select memorable vanity PINs, turn recording on/off, select auto-call back on/off, select enter audio conference muted on/off etc.

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